Autumn in New York

I’ve mentioned my fondness for Jessica nail products in previous posts, but I had to give a little mention to the new autumn collection, even though I’ve yet to try them! Each season, Jessica releases a new colour collection and there is always one I am looking forward to trying. This autumn, the ‘Autumn in New York’ collection (and if that doesn’t tempt you…) is one of the most colourful of the recent lines, and of course, it’s inspired by the season in the Big Apple. The new collection features six new shades;

Autumn In New York range shot

Soho in Love – a pale pink with great nude undertones (this is the one on my shopping list!)

NY State of Mind – a blue-tones steel grey creme

Broadway Bound – a bright red almost coral with a slight shimmer

Mad for Madison – an espresso deep rich brown

Meet at the Plaza – a wearable evergreen

Blue Harlem – an opulent navy blue

Each polish is priced at €12.95 and are available from salons nationwide or online at


Gel Nails at home!

Miracle Gel 1

Like any beauty treatment, it was only a matter of time before it became possible to do a DIY 2-week manicure from your own home. And with the latest product to emerge from the Sally Hansen range, this could be the perfect way of getting longer lasting chip-free nails from your own beauty bag.

Sally Hansen are launching their ‘Miracle Gel’ polish this week, and it’s the first salon-quality two-week manicure available to buy at retail. A part polish, part gel-manicure, the new polish promises it will deliver up to 14 days of lasting colour and shine in just two easy steps:

– Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel Colour Coat, followed by Miracle Gel Top Coat.

And ta-dah! There’s no need for LED or UV light as the top coat dries in natural light, and it can be removed with normal acetone and non-acetone nail polish remover. Meaning no soaking, filing (or for the bold ones, peeling!)

There will be 18 colours in the Sally Hansen range and they’ll be hitting shelves on September 12 – available to buy from pharmacies, grocery stores and department stores across Ireland.

Miracle Gel Colour costs €9.99 and the Top Coat costs €9.99. Duo packs will also be available for €14.99 from mid-September.

Happy and Healthy Nails



If you read my recent post on Jessica Nails [here], you’ll be well aware of the fact that I suffer from a severe case of weakened nails. However, they’re growing stronger than ever, and that’s with thanks to a few fool-proof products that I know I won’t be living without any time soon.


While I was raving about some of the new colours from the Jessica Nails collection, I admit that two of the products I will be chatting about in this post are also from Jessica Nails. I don’t normally go on about just one particular brand, but on this occasion I have to make an exception as they’ve really worked for me!

1. Jessica Nails Phenomenon Oil (€10.15)

Anytime you get your nails done by a professional nailtician, they’ll usually encourage you to use a cuticle oil to help strengthen your nails. And they aren’t lying. It’s one of the best products you can use on your nails and I swear by Jessica Nail’s Phenomenon Oil. This oil is an intensive moisturiser which conditions and softens your cuticles, which is crucial for healthy and strong nail growth. It also works to heal and hydrate your nails with natural jojoba, almond and rice oils.

Tip: Keep it on your desk or beside your bed and massage into your nails as often as you can.

Oh, and it can also be used on dry skin areas too such as your elbows or needs. Multifunctional!


2. Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails

I’ve tried tons of hand and nail creams and I always return to this one. It’s one of my favourites, I use it multiple times during the day and always notice a difference in both the skin on my hands and my nails. It encourages healthy nail growth as well as stronger nails and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For a product that costs just €4.19 (approx), it’s a no-brainer.

vaseline hands and nails

 3. Nailtiques Nail Protein formula 2

Formulated especially for those with weak, soft and peeling nails, this is the one product I’ve used that I notice an immediate difference in the strength of my nails. It was designed especially for former gel and acrylic nail wearers and so stimulates rapid growth and nail strengthening. At approximately €21.50, it is a bit on the more expensive side, but if you are looking for a quick improvement, your money will go a long way.


4. High Gloss in a Flash by Jessica Nails (€16.30)

This one isn’t exactly a strengthening product, but it works really well when encouraging your nails to grow healthily. It’s a high gloss and when used as a top coat, it dries in a flash – literally a minimum waiting time – while providing a sheer gloss finish in seconds. When I’ve worn this over coats of nail colour, I’ve had people ask me if I’m wearing shellac. I love it. And why does it help in keeping your nails healthy? Its UV inhibitors and reflective polymers mean less chipping, which result in longer lasting colour, and more chip-free time for your nails to grow.


Jessica Nails: In Bloom

JESSICA Nails In Bloom Summer Collection 2014

I’ve been working hard to bring my own nails back to good health in recent months, following a few years on a bender with gel nails, which unfortunately were preceded by a long stint of acrylic nails. A bit prehistoric I know, but even since then, it has seriously taken my nails years to recover.

I also dabbled a bit in shellac, which I still love, but with my nails naturally being quite weak and brittle, I’ve discovered that the best thing for my own nails is to make the most of them just as they are.

Having brittle nails means that nail colours chip much sooner than they should and being able to do a DIY job at home is crucial. That’s why I love when I find a nail colour that I love and can count on.

Enter Jessica Nails.

I’ve only used Jessica Nails when getting manicures in salons, but I tried two colours from Jessica Nails’ most recent summer collection recently and already want to build my Jessica collection at home.

photo 2

Jessica Vartoughian is the master behind Jessica Nails, and when I found out that she was the first person to ever open a ‘nails only salon’ in the world, as well as being the woman responsible for inventing the French Manicure in 1979 (thanks for that, by the way), I discovered an even bigger fondness for the brand.

It’s already loved by tons of celebs and used in the majority of nail salons the world over, and Jessica Nails just launched its ‘In Bloom’ collection for Summer 2014.

The collection is made up of six garden-inspired colours, ranging from soft blues and lilacs to a subtle mint green.

I first tried the bold blue called ‘Longing’, and loved the deep shade. Dark colours are great for making shorter nails appear longer while waiting for them to grow, and this particular blue was perfect for making a statement.

photo 1

I fell in love with this particular shade; ‘Loving’, a warm pink colour that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and femininity without being too ‘pink’. It’s the type of colour that you could wear all year round and ideal for taking a more subtle approach to a special occasion.

photo 3

The next colour on my must-try list is the ‘Whispering’ Mint Green. Let me know if you decide to try and what you think!

Each colour in the collection is priced at just €12.95 and is available to buy at salons nationwide, or online at

Keep an eye out for my tips for strengthening nails later this week!




Tiffany & Co Nail Art

My sister has had a bit of a love affair with Tiffanys & Co ever since she first watched Audrey Hepburn have breakfast outside the iconic New York jewellery store way back when. The lucky thing even got engaged outside Tiffanys a few years back (her now- husband is trained well), and dressed myself and three of her friends in Tiffany blue for the day of her wedding – complete with the little bow on our dresses and everything! We looked very fancy altogether.

So when she got her nails done recently, I knew I had to share a few pics! She helped design them along with the talents of nail technician Niamh of Pure Hair and Beauty, Enfield, who brought that famous little blue box right to her finger tips…

Tiffany & Co Nail Art Inspiration

Tiffany & Co Nail Art Inspiration

Cute or what?

Her ring finger even has the Tiffany bow – I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence.

Despite the shine, this picture had to make it on to the blog. Purely because of my big sis’s explanation for the shine…

picstitch (1)

“My diamond is a bit too sparkly in this one! #firstworldproblems”

Top 5 Nail Colours for Christmas Sparkle

It’s the one time of year when each and every one of us can get away with a little bit of sparkle, and whether you’re hoping to cover yourself from head to toe in sequins or just offering a discreet nod in the glitterati’s direction, festive nails are a fun way of getting into the seasonal spirit. With that in mind, it was nice of our friends in the nail polish world to put all the glitter and sparkle of Christmas time into their brand new collections. These are a few of my favourites!


Ted Baker’s Nail Duos come with both a base shade and a glittery top coat. The double layering system means the glitter looks built up without the multiple applications! The collection comes in three different shades – Blue Moon and Spacedust, Cherry Bomb and Sugar Rush, and Golden Girl and Totally Twinkie. All colours are available from Boots at €10.50.


I’m a big fan of Jessica nail products and love the colours in their Christmas ‘Glitzy Effects’ collection. With six shades to choose from, these glitter polishes are designed to be worn as a top coat over your favourite nail colour. Each shade will set you back just €7.15 (plus VAT).


Ideal for wearing over a colour or layered on its own, I am loving the new luxeffects collection by Essie. Each glitter shade has multiple glitter flake shapes which make for an interesting finish! There are five fab shades to choose from, all with ridiculously cute names. And although I’ve yet to try, I’ve heard all good reports. Priced at €9.99 each.


Maybelline have also joined the glitter club with their new Color Show ‘Brocade’ collection of sparkly fingernail festivities. With four different shades to choose from, this collection is a little different, as it offers more subtle sparkle than sequin flakes. Use over a base colour or layer it on for a full shimmer effect (€5.99).


If you’re any good at playing around with nail art, INGLOT’s new Nail and Body Art Spangles are the best way to add festive sparkle to Christmas party nails. There are ten different pots of glittery sequins to choose from and they come in different shapes and eye catching colours. Priced at €13, the spangles can be applied directly onto a base colour adding sparkles and texture!

imPress Nails by Broadway – Review

I used to be a huge fan of gel nails and – when the era allowed for it, acrylics – but it has taken years for my own natural nails to regain their strength after using them. Nowadays, I do like a bit of shellac and the less damage they cause our lovely talons, but even with the occasional shellac treat, it’s having long, healthy, natural nails that I really strive for.

So when I got my hands (and nails, I guess!) on one of the latest imPress Nails collections, I was looking forward to seeing just how practical they would be. My nails were never the best at holding on to gels, never mind press-on nails, and the idea of wearing fake nails had never really appealed to me. It was a combination of the awkward application, the unnatural feeling and their unrealistic appearance that had me slightly uncurious.

But these press-on manicure sets from Broadway are already a massive hit stateside, with Nicole Scherzinger being a self-proclaimed fan, so they were obviously doing something right – enough for me to give them a try anyway.

A healthier alternative to fake nails, these nails are quick and easy to apply – with clear instructions and no mess. You just peel off the backing, stick to your nails and you’re done! While it might seem like a lengthy procedure before you start, once you’ve found the right size for each corresponding nail, it’s really quite simple.


Heading on an evening out recently, I didn’t have time to base coat, polish and top coat my own nails – especially factoring in the essential smudge-avoidance time – so I used the opportunity to try one of the limited edition collections from imPress instead. Not only could I pop the nails right on, I also had a bit of fun decorating the nails with nail art stickers too!

Once on, they did last a couple of days and didn’t come off as easy as I expected them to, despite my heavy-handed nature. For more light-handed ladies, they can last up to a week.

They retail at €7.99 for the block colours and €9.99 for the patterned themes and they are widely available in chemists across Ireland, as well as trusty Penneys and Dunnes Stores.

While they aren’t a permanent solution for gorgeous nails, they’re a fun, fast fashion fix and definitely worth picking up!

picstitch (1)

Tip: Don’t place too close to your cuticles and don’t be afraid of spending a few minutes finding the perfect size for your own nail. It will pay off to have that sorted before you start!

PS. With Halloween arriving mid-working week this year, not many of us can celebrate by dressing up like a naughty witch and hitting the local in fancy dress. But it’s always nice to get into the spirit and imPress nails have a range of Halloween themed nails to vamp up our claws!