Discovering Arbonne

As much as I love trying new products from my already favourite brands, it’s always a little more exciting to discover a brand that’s completely new to me. I was contacted by a friend of mine, who works as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International in the UK. You may have heard of this brand, as it has been around for over 30 years, but for me, it was my first introduction to it. The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland and has become to mean ‘beautiful tree’. While it is already hugely popular in Australia, the UK, the USA and Australia. it’s already on the cusp of being discovered by the rest of the world.

Arbonne has a skincare range as well as a cosmetics line and nutrition range – all of which are vegan certified, botanically based, gluten free, hypo-allergenic and adhere to strict Swiss guidelines. Plus, it’s animal-friendly too. When talking to my friend, she convinced me to try the brand after telling me that for years she had searched for natural beauty products that really made a difference to her, and finally she had. With this first hand advice, it didn’t take long to persuade me to give them a go!

This recommendation in itself is proof that the brand doesn’t live by the usual cosmetic brand rules – it isn’t sold in shops or salons but relies its growth entirely on word of mouth and is sold online or through the brand’s Independent Consultants worldwide. This way, Arbonne manages to keep its high-quality products at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy them. So after trying out some of their products myself, I’m staying true to its ethos and sharing my experience with you too. Which, I must admit, has been a really positive one…


Sample sizes of FC5

Sample sizes of FC5


FC5 – Normal/Dry Skincare Range

I’m always a little nervous trying new skincare products as even though I have quite normal skin, it can be sensitive and often resists a change of skincare brands. On this occasion however, Arbonne surprised me (and my skin) in a good way. I always want to try a new product for a certain amount of time before I review it on the blog but with these sample sizes, I managed to try it for two weeks and so got a good feel for the products. My skin reacted quite well to the products and I honestly felt – and saw – the effects almost immediately, with my skin looking dewy and moisturised, something that lasted throughout the day. The nurturing day lotion comes with SPF 20, which is great as it saves you putting a layer of SPF under your moisturiser. The day lotion leaves no oily residue on the skin and sinks into the face just minutes after applying. What I found great about this moisturiser was that I didn’t feel the need for a primer before applying make-up. My make up looked dewy and fresh when applied over this moisturiser and it lasted longer throughout the day too. The lotion feels really soft when applied and has a really fresh, fruity fragrance.

The range also includes a hydrating eye cream that I applied along with the day cream every morning, and a hydrating cleanser and freshener which I used to remove my make-up in the evening. This one was great, I love a cleanser that works well with warm water and my skin didn’t feel the usual tightness it often would after cleansing. My skin felt so fresh following this product and I wish I hadn’t finished the sample so soon! Finally this skincare line also includes a moisturising night cream. Again the scent from this cream was so gorgeous and it was quite a relaxing one which was perfect for night time. Although quite thick when it first is applied to the skin, the cream is actually quite a light-weight formula which soaked right up and somehow manages to ensure your skin is still soft and moisturised in the morning.

I love a skincare line that works well with your make up and skin and I would really consider investing in full sizes of these products as I felt my sin reacted well to this new brand and I felt my skin looked healthier even in just the couple of weeks I tried them out.

The FC5 range also features an ultra-hydrating hand cream, which has a firm place in my hand bag at the moment! The cream has fresh kiwi cell extracts and smells and feels gorgeously soft and refreshing. Unlike most hand creams, once it dries in, it’s dry. There’s no room for oily residue which is handy when you type for a living!

Sally kindly sent me over some samples from Arbonne’s RE9 skincare line, which focuses more on anti-ageing which my mum is busy trying out at the moment! I’ll be posting a review from her soon so keep an eye out for that!


Featuring all the important factors from its skincare lines, Arbonne also has a cosmetics line which I had the pleasure of sampling too. This includes everything from perfecting liquid foundation (with SPF 15) and make-up primers to lip polish and tinted moisturiser. The primer I loved, although I wish I could have tried it out for a little longer! With just a sample to try, I decided to give it the ultimate test – a day in the office – and, after applying it over my Arbonne moisturiser and under both my usual foundation, and my Arbonne sample, I was really impressed by its staying power. The primer has a really calming scent and glides on so easily, making the skin the perfect base for applying make-up. Although my skin still managed to look dewy throughout the day, it didn’t fall and I got a lot longer out of my make-up than I would on a normal no-primer day at the office.

The liquid foundation comes in a range of colours, with one bound to suit all skin shades, and although I liked the tinted moisturiser (which also features SPF 15), the foundation won out for me, especially when used with the primer.

I had a few samples of the lip polishes to try, each easily applied with a lip brush and my two favourites were by far Posh/Chic (love the name!) and the Nude shade, which is really on trend at the moment.



Arbonne Get The Look: Smoky Eye Palette

Arbonne Get The Look: Smoky Eye Palette

photo 1



Arbonne also features eye shadow palettes as part of its cosmetics line and I was lucky enough to try and test their Smoky Eye Set. This includes a gorgeous lengthening mascara (ideal for a dramatic lash effect), an eyeshadow duo in chocolate and suede shades, as well as a gentle, non-stinging eye make-up remover. One sweep of this with some cotton wool across the eye and the make-up glided off. The dream! This eye make-up remover was a favourite of mine as I loved the moisturised feeling left on the skin after cleansing – ideal for delicate skin!

The eye shadow duo also went down really well. These colours were just my style – I have a bit of an obsession with browns and creams and although I normally need to apply quite a lot of colour when creating a smoky eye on myself, these shades were really heavily pigmented which meant less went a lot further. The eyeshadows are mineral infused, they’re really easy to blend and, most importantly, they’re long wearing.

photo 1


For more information on Arbonne products, or to check out their extensive product range, visit


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