Bielenda: The newest skincare brand to launch in Ireland

I’m always on the lookout for good skincare products, whether they’re new on the beauty scene or already considered holy grail products by someone else. So when I received some samples of a new skincare line due to be launched in Ireland soon, I was excited to try something new and intrigued too as I had not come across the brand before.

Bielenda is a new skincare brand set to launch in Ireland this month. With both a professional product line, as well as a retail line, Bielenda is already considered successful in other EU countries as well as a few far flung places such as the Far East and the States.

Eco and Animal Friendly

What I particularly like about the brand, and what I know a lot of people find so important these days, is that the products are NOT tested on animals, they’re eco-friendly and they’re made using natural ingredients.

Bielenda Pic

Sounds good so far, right?

The whole idea of Bielenda is that the safe and skin-friendly beauty care can be “all encompassing”. By this they mean all of the above:

– Contains eco-friendly active ingredients

– Products are not tested on animals, but by renowned experts in dermatology

– They aim to minimise their impact on the environment. This means they distribute their products in eco-friendly recycable packaging and they remain environmentally aware at each and every stage of manufacture and distribution.  

A Polish brand, Bielenda is already available in the UK, other EU countries including France, Canada, USA and United Arab Emirates, and now, Ireland.

Suitable for all skin types

This is the next reason I was excited about the brand’s arrival en Irlande.

While Bielenda Professional will be only available in beauty salons, spas and beauty schools, the retail brand is ours for the taking. And they’ve a skincare line to suit each and every skin type…

Dry & Sensitive – Cotton

Dry & Very Dry – Black Olive

Dry & Dehydrated – Avacado

Sensitive & Allergic – Aloe

Thin, delicate and skin with dilated capillaries – Chestnut

Very mature & Dry – Argan Oil

Mixed & Oily – Cucumber and lime

Tired, dull & stressed – Carotene

Normal & Mixed – Pomegranate

Bielenda also offer a tanning range, a men’s range ‘Only For Men’, and pregnancy-safe skincare too. Having already won an Instyle beauty award and an award with the French Cosmopolitan magazine, Bielenda is certainly one to check out.

I’ve even tried a few myself over the last few weeks, so keep an eye out for my reviews on the blog this week, as well as a Q&A session with a Bielenda skincare specialist. In the meantime, check out the brand’s Irish distributor: Primavera Beauty.


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