Ode to Juicy


Gabby Solis rocked the Juicy look on Wisteria Lane


It’s the end of a velour-tracksuit era and after news broke earlier this week that Juicy Couture could be closing its designer doors, former teens the world over have started mourning their cloth tracksuit days. Chances are we wouldn’t be caught dead in one nowadays anyway, but it’s the idea that these iconic loungies will be no more that has got us all whinging. In fact, if you haven’t parted with your Juicy tracksuit bottoms just yet, hold on to them as they’re bound to be worth a few bob in a few years when they’re considered ‘vintage’ and extinct.

While it wasn’t always an authentic Juicy tracksuit that made the cut on the streets in Ireland, the brand certainly set a trend during the noughties that is hard to forget. I reckon the photographic evidence will haunt us all some time in the future.

So with a nod towards Gabrielle Solis and her Desperate Housewives wardrobe, I thought I’d take a few minutes to remember the tracksuit and a throwback to its not-so-trendy days on the Irish fashion scene.

You were Irish and rocking a Juicy tracksuit if…

1. At any stage you accessorised with a) a classy pair of hoop earrings, or b) a pair of Ugg boots.

2. You wore this tracksuit for anything but exercise. It was deemed acceptable for a trip to a shopping centre, a walk with your friends after school or your chosen outfit for non-uniform day.

3. You could only afford the fake Juicy tracksuit. In fact it was rare that the rhinestones adorned across the velour-bum were genuine.

4. If that fake Juicy tracksuit was paired with a pair of fake Uggs (aka fuggs).

5. If that fake Juicy tracksuit was paired with a pair of fuggs that started bending in on the inner heel. What was with that?

6. If your Juicy tracksuit bottoms were too long, dragged along the ground and had multiple holes in them.

7. If you wore the tracksuit top two sizes too small, so that your midriff would show. I have reason to believe the introduction of the ‘muffin top’ phrase coincided with our velour  tracksuit obsession.

8. If you still have that trusty tracksuit buried at the back of your wardrobe “just in case”.


Tesco Summer Shots

If you liked yesterday’s post on the gorgeous F&F summer collection, you’ll like it even more after you take a peek at these pics. They are a little more professional than my amateur Instagram-style shots, and I love some of the styling. Check them out!


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Summer’s here at Tesco!

The summer finally arrived this week. Until now, the weather hadn’t quite been in sync with our calenders, but as optimistic as us Irish are, we were busy embracing the summer anyway, whilst just keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the sunshine would, eventually, prevail.

And this week, we finally got spotted by Mother Nature and we are being promised more than just one day of sunshine – possibly up to a week! We can’t believe it.

And to celebrate the fact that it is, in fact, June, I went along to check out the F&F Summer Collection preview last week and I was so impressed!

F&F feature their clothing range for men, women and kids at Tesco stores across the country and this year, the summer collection is Rio-inspired and full of summer brights, on-trend styles that could be mistaken for falling straight off the catwalk.

The womenswear collection was much bigger and more diverse than I imagined which was a really nice surprise, with everything from bold print trousers and pretty summery tops, to bikinis, sexy swimsuits, lace shorts and crochet kimonos.

Some of my favourite pieces included this ‘Take me to Paris’ top (although once it has Paris on it, I’m sold):


And this bright pink ‘you can’t miss me’ floppy sun hat:


I also set my sights on the tribal matching shorts and kimono set worn by stylist Courtney Smith, who was MC and the stylist for the event and fashion show.


What struck me most was how on-trend and fashionable each piece from the collection was. F&F is certainly competing with some of the great fashion brands out there for the most stylish stakes. With such good prices too, there will be a few pieces from the photos below that will definitely be making it into my summer wardrobe this month. Did someone say payday??

Accessories by F&F

Beach Brights






TK Maxx Opens at the Ilac

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as spotting a bargain or a designer label you love at a price you can actually afford. For any shopper it’s a bit of a thrill and it’s one of the many reasons I love taking a wander through TK Maxx to see what treasures I can find.

The discount fashion retailer opened its brand new store in the Ilac Centre in Dublin last week and I was delighted to have the chance to pop along for a sneak peek ahead of its grand opening.

The store is all shiney and new and full of gorgeous new stock – I even spotted a pair of gold Michael Kors heels which, devastatingly, had been snatched up by the time I came on my second round of the store – you have to be quick in this shopping business!

The designer labels and brands are priced up to 60% less than the original asking price meaning your bound to come across a steal. The store (and all other TK Maxx stores across Ireland) receive daily deliveries too, so regular shoppers can always count on coming across something new.

I took a minute to chat to one of the representatives from TK Maxx on the day, who said that one of the reasons why the store does so well is because it is a totally different shopping experience to other high street stores.

“Shoppers come in and if they know they are looking for a pair of jeans, they can go straight to the section for ladies jeans, straight to their size, and have a range of different pairs to choose from. It’s really straightforward and simple, yet it works really well,” she told me.

I’ve made a pact with myself this summer that if it’s sunny out, I steer clear of the shops. But if you’re looking for me next time it rains, you’ll find me shopping in TK Maxx. Possibly near the shoe aisle, size 5, looking for those Michael Kors.

TK Maxx Ilac

No celebration would be complete without cupcakse

No celebration would be complete without cupcakes

Purple! Love the homewares section too.

Purple! Love the home wares section too.


Tiffany & Co Nail Art

My sister has had a bit of a love affair with Tiffanys & Co ever since she first watched Audrey Hepburn have breakfast outside the iconic New York jewellery store way back when. The lucky thing even got engaged outside Tiffanys a few years back (her now- husband is trained well), and dressed myself and three of her friends in Tiffany blue for the day of her wedding – complete with the little bow on our dresses and everything! We looked very fancy altogether.

So when she got her nails done recently, I knew I had to share a few pics! She helped design them along with the talents of nail technician Niamh of Pure Hair and Beauty, Enfield, who brought that famous little blue box right to her finger tips…

Tiffany & Co Nail Art Inspiration

Tiffany & Co Nail Art Inspiration

Cute or what?

Her ring finger even has the Tiffany bow – I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence.

Despite the shine, this picture had to make it on to the blog. Purely because of my big sis’s explanation for the shine…

picstitch (1)

“My diamond is a bit too sparkly in this one! #firstworldproblems”

Choosing the right SPF

We know the weather might not be quite in sync with our calenders at the moment, but we’re embracing the summer anyway and are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the sunshine will, eventually, prevail. But whether you have a holiday in the sunshine already booked or just plan on winging it here in Ireland, it’s more important than ever to wear sun protection every day.

You will have heard by now that SPF has become a product that we should be including into our daily beauty regime year round, and many of our make-up products contain a small amount of PDF already. But wearing a high factor SPF underneath your make-up, whether you’re out in the open air or even just driving, is crucial to keeping your skin safe. The sun’s sneaky rays, whether we see them or not, can penetrate skin even on cloudy days and wearing SPF can protect from skin cancer, as well as helping us look younger for longer. It’s one of the best kept anti-ageing secrets and one you’re bound to benefit from using.

Before going on holiday recently, I spent ages trying to decide what SPF to invest in. I wanted one that wouldn’t be too creamy to pair with foundation, but one that wouldn’t block my pores either. It turns out there are plenty of face-friendly SPFs out there and so to help you make up your own mind, I gathered together some information on some of my favourite brands.

Let me know how you get on – and if you’ve discovered a great SPF that works for you, please share!


Solar Defense Booster SPF50 

Ideal for using as part of a daily routine,Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster can be applied directly to the skin and blends easily with any moisturiser or foundation. It completely absorbs into the skin, leaving no residue – there’s nothing worse than a shiny face on holiday or an oily base for your make up! The Defense Booster also contains anti-oxidant vitamins, which help defend the skin from damaging UV rays and free radicals. (€48.90 for 50ml)


Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Oil Free Matte SPF30

If you don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to doing your make up in the mornings, a multi-step skincare routine is not always possible before running out the door to work. Dermalogica however have a range of new multi-tasking moisturisers to help offer a solution. Oil Free Matte SPF30, Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 and Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 all contain UV smart booster technology meaning you get your moisturiser and the all essential SPF protection in one.

The Oil Free Matte SPF30 (€49.40) is specifically formualted to control factors that contribute to adult acne and works to mattify skin and prevent shine on oily and breakout-prone skin.

Dermalogica Oil=free matte SPF30

Dermalogica Oil=free matte SPF30


Clinique Sun with Solarsmart 

UVA rays can cause deeper damage than UVB rays. But what’s the difference? UVA rays age the skin while UVB rays burn it. While not all sun screens protect against both, Clinique’s Sun With Solarsmart offers defense against both and comes in a range of different options. I tried the SPF30 Protection Stick recently, and really like it. It didn’t leave an oily residue and was really easy to apply. It was handy too for throwing into my hand bag and reapplying when I was out and about in the sun. (€21.50)

Clinique Sun with Solar Smart Range

Clinique Sun with Solar Smart Range


Capital Soleil BB Cream by Vichy

For the ultimate combination of SPF and easy-care, try the new Capital Soleil BB Cream (€16.50) with super high SPF50+ which offers great protection as well as radiance-boosting colour. It comes in two formulas: Tinted dry touch fluid, perfect for combination to oily skin, and Tinted velvety cream, for normal to dry skin.

Capital Soleil BB Cream SPF 50

Capital Soleil BB Cream SPF 50

Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF30 (30ml) by Shiseido 

This sunscreen is ideal for using daily offering hydration as well as protection against external aggressors such as UV-rays, dryness and air pollution. It’s also feather-light so perfect for wearing all year round. It can be used on both face and body and can be washed off easily. (€36)

Urban Environment UV Protection Cream

Urban Environment UV Protection Cream