Total Make Up Selfies


It seems ironic that the moment I pick up a make up brush to kick start my training as a professional make up artist, every girl in the country jumps on the #NoMakeUpSelfie bandwagon. My entire Facebook feed is thronged with fresh and smiley faces but deep down I know it’s only a matter of time before we all go crawling back to our daily masks.

I wasn’t planning on blogging too much about the make up course I’m currently training on, but since I’m really loving every moment of it, I felt a sneaky update was needed.

I’ve a new found love for painting faces, especially with all the lust-worthy Make Up For Ever products, so check out my first professional smokey eye… It’s loud and proud colour wise I know, but the blues were calling me.

Let’s hope this one can be recreated when I’m left to my own devices!




Press Cutting: Irish Tatler Man

While I’m usually found writing about travel or reporting on the odd news story during the day, and blabbering on about fashion and beauty by night, the odd time I’ll venture into the more mysterious.

This usually happens on a seasonal basis when I contribute to Ireland’s favourite men’s magazine, Irish Tatler Man.

I’ve discussed everything from what every man should teach his son, to what women say and what they actually mean… Often it’s from the female perspective but more often than not I’ve had no choice but to jump into total man-mode.

In the latest issue, I have written a feature looking at how men can get back into the dating scene post-relationship. Please pick up a copy and give it a scan! It’s the best feature in the magazine of course, but the rest is worth a flick too 🙂


Beauty Lust List

It’s not just our homes that need a good spring clean. Emerging from the winter always calls for a revamp of both my skincare and beauty collections – when the pennies allow for it – and an overhaul on my daily beauty regime, even when they don’t. A new hairstyle and much-needed facial is always on the to-do list but we can’t always afford to take the salon road. So in the meantime, I’m lusting after these treats so we can take care of ourselves at home…


Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil


It doesn’t look like elaborate brows are going out of fashion anytime soon so this Spring, the make up look is all about minimal, natural looking make up, making powerful brows the big focus. So to help achieve that look, I’m adding the Billion dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil to my lust list for Spring. It’s formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colours and perfect for fixing your brows on the go.

Available from and leading beauty salons. Price: €23.95



Bronz'Express Tinted Gel

It seems that the tangoed look is for now a thing of the past and we can happily embrace our pale Irish skin once again without the threat of milk bottle taglines. However, some of us need a little more help than others when it comes to transitioning between seasons. Coming from head-to-toe cover up during winter, I know I’ll certainly need a hand when it comes to going from ghastly to glowing. And that is why Bronz’Express Tinted Gel is appearing on my spring must buy list.
Available from pharmacies nationwide for just €17.50.



Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque

I for one will be charging some serious TLC into my skin before daring to bare anything at all this spring. With the pared back nude look make up set to be the beauty trend of the season, it’s important to ensure the canvas is as fresh as possible. To help my complexion look more luminous than lacklustre (more radiant than… well, grey), I’m hoping to invest in some super skin saviours. The Kerstin Florian Rejuvinating Spirulina Masque looks just the ticket. Containign blue-green spirulina algae, the ultimate nutrient boost for dull post-winter skin, the masque is packed in nutrients and said to be a super food for the skin. Yes please.
Price: €50 for 80ml. Available from Fota Island Resort, Knockranny House Hotel, Lyrath Estate Hotel and The Marker.




I’m a big fan of Aveda and have decided I am totally in need of the brand’s new peace-promoting stress-fix body crème. Investing in beauty treatments is one way I really can relax and de-stress, but it’s worth having a way of doing that at home more regularly too. This body crème is the latest in the body care collection and features a proven stress-relieving aroma. The brand recommends rituals for both your body as well as your hands and arms using the crème and is a sure way to give ourselves a little worry detox coming into the hopefully more pleasant weather!


01 (113)(3)

I’ve always been a spice girl at heart so it comes as no surprise that I’m excited about the newest range of nail shades from Yves Saint Laurent. The new Spicy Collection features six different shades, each of them completely different than what’s normally appearing on my talons. I’m particularly lusting after Safran Sultan, but I’m thinking I need to get a bit of a natural glow before I can really pull it off. Hence my need for product number two!
Price: €24



Boohoo SS14


Where exactly I came across this little golden nugget of information, I’m not too sure. But apparently, the ‘will it won’t it’ war between online shopping versus highstreet heaven is over. Who won? Well, both actually. It seems that both can live in our retail world simultaneously and harmoniously. I admit I was on the highstreet side for quite some time but even though I will always pick a stroll down 5th Avenue over a google browsing session, I’m all for shopping online too.
It’s something to do with the thrill of a package arriving in the post, and the ease of sifting through shelves of clothes straight from the comfort of your own couch.
Either way, I’m excited by all the possibilities being presented by the fashion world this season – and in particular what is on offer from one of my favourite shopping sites,

The online clothing and accessories brand featured its new season collections at an event in the Drury Buildings in Dublin last week and after taking a sneak preview, I’m lusting after more than just a few items.

If money wasn’t an option, I’d be ordering everything. But luckily, Boohoo offers lots of bargain buys – all with the guarantee of high fashion trends and quality material.

From sleek shades and chunky shoes (which I remain on the fence about) to patterned smock blouses, retro jackets and fun playsuits, has plenty to inspire our wardrobes in time for the good weather.

Check out some of the style inspiration from the Dublin Launch for SS14 and some of my favourite shots from their look book… and then visit and get shopping! 🙂