Beauty Lust List

The sunshine is proving to be a real fighter this year. One moment we’re turning on the heat and braving the autumn chill and the next we’re enjoying a glass of vino in the front garden, shades and all. Being afraid to argue with mother nature and her indecisiveness, I’m happy to sit and soak up this year’s concluding rays. So in the spirit of blissful denial, and the eternal certainty that I will one day be able to make my lust list a must list, I’ve picked out some of my favourite beauty buys for the new season.  A €4 quick pick please?



Image                                     Image

1. Too Faced 16-hour Bronzer (€16) 2. Rich Chocolate Eye Palette, Bobbi Brown 3. Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost (€30)4. Must Have Mauve, Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer (€10.99) 5.  Illuminating Cream Palette, Trish McEvoy (€87) 6. Michael Kors Sporty Lip Lacquer in Diva (He does handbags so well, I can only imagine what he does to lipstick) 7. Alexa Chung, IT (The It Girl writes an ‘It’ book – it was bound to happen)


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

People seem to be getting all hyped up about the arrival of autumn and the impending months of winter and while I am happily making a list of all the beauty staples I’m hoping I can afford to buy for the season, it still takes me a few weeks to catch up and adapt to the changes. So hold up!

Just a few weeks ago I was dressing my face for the summer and it was easy. There was a dollop of BB cream here, and a dash of blush there. I abandoned the eyeliner instead opting for a small splash of mascara and a slick of gloss on the lips.

Somehow when the sun is shining, it doesn’t take much to make yourself look fresh and glowing and I don’t even mind the odd freckle peeping through!

Winter faces however are a whole other story. Suddenly my summer makeup look just isn’t up to scratch and I’m looking more deathly low than healthy glow. So it’s time to swap the tinted moisturiser for a more weather-friendly foundation and a shelf full of powerful skincare to help your skin combat the rain, hale and snowy season ahead. But my biggest facial weakness is during the colder months? My chapped lips. It’s the one thing that kicks up the most fuss. Having the lip staples such as Vaseline or carmex in your make up bag are great, and while on your lips, they do the job. But one cappuccino later and you’re back to square one. There is one saving grace however, a lip balm I discovered a number of years back and one that – although expensive to buy (approximately €10.50 per tube) – is one particular beauty product I make sure to invest in each September.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 Mango

For all the hype that Kiehl’s lip balm #1 has received, its had some knock backs too, with people saying it doesn’t work very well and the packaging is boring. But I’m a fan. I like its simple, no-frills packaging, it’s a nice change, and it’s the one balm that really makes my lips super smooth. While the original balm is non-flavoured, I picked up the Mango flavoured one this time and love it.

The Science: It’s packed with Wheat Germ Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamins A and E to help heal chapped lips and also has an SPF 4 in it helping to protect further damage.

Hint: It advises you to apply liberally and let the excess balm be absorbed. Try it at night when you get the real benefits and wake up to softer lips. Works a treat!

Doll Eyes and Whimsical Hearts

We all know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. Yet even despite that yonks-old lesson, I sometimes can’t help but be distracted by fancy packaging. Especially when it comes to make up. And my main weakness? Mascara. I love a good mascara. It’s one of those must-have items I’d take with me in a desert-island scenario. So when I was making a bee-line for the exit of a particular department store recently, I did a proper double-take when I walked by Lancôme’s newest collaboration.


The make-up brand has just launched a super-glam collection with Alber Elbaz, the creative director at Lanvin. It’s the first time for the fashion house designer to take on the world of make-up and Lancôme was making sure it was one that was certainly eye-catching. Feminine and fun, the packaging is definitely appealing, with hand-drawn scrawls and bold free-style doodles. The ‘Lancôme Hypnôse’ collection is divided into four different themes; Dèfinicilis, Doll, Drama and Star, and consists of eye shadow palettes, dramatic mascaras and a few pairs of fake lashes.

Always looking for length and the ‘fake lash’ effect without ever worrying about glue (a bad combination when you’re a contact lens wearer) I decided to try out the ‘Hypnôse Doll’ mascara, which is priced at approximately €28. Decorated with whimsical heart scribbles, the mascara brush is double-sided and cone-shaped, making for easy application. Even after a few uses, it still hadn’t clumped, and as an extra little bonus? The mascara is scented, making it an even sweeter treat when applying!

The mascara helped lengthen my lashes in an under-stated way so if you’re looking for the natural long lash effect, Hypnôse Doll could be the perfect choice. If it’s volume you’re looking for, check out the other themes in the collection.

While it didn’t make a dramatic difference to my eyes, I’ll admit that I’m still drawn to the collection – even if it is only because the fancy packaging makes me happy and my make-up bag even happier. Plus, it smells really good!

Well hello there world!

A brief introduction… 

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. And with it being September, I figured it’s the perfect time of year to start a resolution! Most people wait until New Year but for me, the first day of January is really just a second chance to give my four-month old promises a little boost.

September instead, is full of potential and new beginnings. It’s a month that’s always open minded and opportunistic. The weather is starting to change and although we’re feeling a little nostalgic for the summer months coming to an end, we can’t help but get a little excited about the prospect of a brand new wardrobe and our winter woollies. It’s the month when fashion magazines produce their annual best in their ‘September Issues’ and even if you’re not going back to school, you’re bound to learn something new. Or be tempted by the prospect at least!

So here it is – my blog. Full of words of what I hope to be wisdom, a bit of beauty banter – a favourite pastime of mine, and possibly a few other ramblings.

I hope you enjoy!

Cheers to blogging!

Cheers to blogging!